Is the redwood forest threatened?



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    Not as much as it used to be, as the biggest threat comes from human logging which is regulated these days. Redwoods are naturally a highly resilient tree; they are fire resistant and even need fire to release their seeds. They get a lot of their water from fog in the air, even if there isn’t rain they can still drink. For example, California is in the midst of a major 3 year long drought, but the redwoods are fine, as there is always fog even without rain.

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    95% of the coastal redwood forests have been diminshed since the beginning of the 20th century, and many enormous, ancient trees are still endangered by logging companies. Protest are taking place as we speak to save these trees, and have been taking place since 1918. I wrote an article about this topic for GreenAnswers, called Saving the Redwood Forest.

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