Is red tide bad for you to swim in?



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    Yes, swimming is safe for most people. However,irritations of the eyes, nose, throat, tingling lips and tongue are common symptoms that often occur during red tides. Waves, wind and boat propellers in high concentrations of red tides disperse toxin particles into the air causing these problems for people along the shoreline. People suffering from severe or chronic respiratory conditions such as emphysema or asthma, should try to avoid red tide areas. Symptoms usually disappear within 24 hours once the exposure is discontinued.       

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    A red tide is an explosion of red colored microorganisms. This tiny plants are toxic to many fish and other marine life. However, for most people it is ok to swim in although if you are susceptible to plant-caused skin irritations then you probably shouldn’t.

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    YESSSS BE CAREFULLLLLLL 🙂 <3 Channel and Camri Ledesma

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