Red and green twinkling star in the western sky?

For the last month I’ve noticed this star relatively low on the western horizon early in the evening. I am in California. Any idea what this might be?



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    It could be a space station.  In some places you are able to see them.  i would want to say that it is a plane or something, but those wouldn’t be there repeatedly. Do you live by mountains?  Are you sure its not something that has been built up high?

    If not I would say it is probably a space station. 

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      I’ve actually seen it from both central and southern California. In the mountains and the beach. It definitely is not moving though.

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      Well then yes. i would say it is probably a space station. I actually live in LA. Im going to go to the beach sometime and see if I can see it

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      Let me know if you see it too! I was on Venice beach when I saw it most recently. Check out the western sky about 30-60 minutes after sundown. It is one of the lowest “stars” on the horizon. To orient you– it is over the water (just a little ways south of the Malibu coastline in the sky).

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      I’m actually going to go to the beach tonight. i will look for it tonight, exam this thing for myself

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