recycling one plastic fork, spoon, or knife saves how many gallons of oil



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    Good question! A good way to look into this is learn what types of ingredients manufacturers use to make out from plastic. Plastic is from a hydrocarbon that is commonly used from crude oil, natural gas, corn, and other biomass– and create them into polymers, another word from that would be molecules. They do this by heating all the chemicals up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit and create them to pellets. Plastic works well with recycling because most of it’s chemicals that are shredded; goes back to melted and burned pellets. 

    When plastic is created back into it’s original form of ingredients. About 1 ton of plastic saves about 685 gallons of oil. 3 lbs of plastic saves about 1 gallon of oil. When doing the math correctly you can measure one plastic spoon, fork and knife. Take those measurements and compare them to the measurement of gas. It will show you how much plastic can save gas. 

    Just remember plastic is important, and all types of plastic can be reuse back in to oil. 

    Plastic raw pellets

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