Is recycling an environmental policy?



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    In the sense of policy as something official dictated by a certain group, then yes, it can be.  Some companies have environmental policies that dictate how and what they recycle.  Some cities have mandatory recycling policies, others don’t.  If you go on your city or state’s website, you might be able to find what your local policy on recycling is.


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    No, recycling is not an environmental policy or a law. You will not be arrested or fined for not recycling. There are governmental campaigns to promote recycling and government money that supports recycling programs but it is not the law.

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    The definition of “Environmental Policy” according to wikipedia is any deliberate measure taken to control human activities in accordance with the goal of reducing harm done to nature or damage to resources.  Under that definition, recycling might be considered an environmental policy.  See the link below for an example of the format of an official environmental policy.

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