Is recycled paper weaker than brand new paper?



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    Yes, recycled paper is a bit weaker than new paper. This is because when you recycle paper, the original paper is ground and blended with water, and this kind of grinding weakens the paper/wood fibers. That’s why it is easier to tear recycled paper rather than new paper. Along these lines, you can’t just continue to recycle the same piece of paper because it will have no strength; it needs to be mixed with the fibers of newer paper.

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    Yes, paper fiber is not infinitely recyclable like metals are.  Each time it is recycled it becomes weaker than before.  Even though the fibers become weaker, this does not mean that we should not recycle paper.  Many things can be made with the lower quality paper such as corrugated cardboard, tissue and toilet paper among many others.  A great resource for finding the best paper products for the environment is the Greenpeace Tissue Guide, link below.

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    Let us use the correct terms. Same grade of paper made from virgin fiber is stronger than paper made with 100% recycled fiber. But then strength is not the most desired and/or important property of paper. The most useful property of writing, printing and copying paper is smoothness. Paper made with 100% or a certain part of recycled paper is smoother than paper made from 100% virgin fiber because shorter fiber provide more compact surface.

    Similarly for hygeine tissue, it is the softness which is most desirable property and paper with recycled fiber are normally softer than than the one made from virgin fibers.

    Packaging paper is the only grade where strength is important.

    Papermaker always recommend to go for some part virgin fiber and balance recycled fiber to get optimum properties for paper. It is not practical to recover 100%  paper for recycling. We will always need some virgin fiber.

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