Is recycled paper always an off white?



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    No it’s not. Most recycled paper is off white because it has skipped the bleaching process in order to be more environmentally friendly. Bleaching paper products is the leading cause of water toxicity in the United States. “

    Chlorine, used in the bleaching process, is a byproduct of an extremely toxic family of chemicals known as dioxins. Dioxins are linked to several human health conditions including genetic abnormalities, cancer, and reproductive disorders. The toxins are equally poisonous to plant and aquatic life. The pulp and paper industry is the leading contributor of dioxins to waterways.

    You can further enhance your environmental impact by purchasing chlorine-free recycled paper. Chlorine-free paper’s quality is exceptional; it simply has not been subjected to the bleaching process. The more unbleached paper purchased, the fewer toxins in our water.”

    See the 2nd link below for bright white recycled paper.

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