is recycled cooking oil into biodiesel is a good idea for science fair projects



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    According to Keith Addison (2011), anybody can make biodiesel right in their own kitchen. It can be made from used cooking oil which is not only inexpensive, but great for the enviroment because cooking oil often does not get recycled. In my opinion, this sounds like a great science project that will provide some much needed environmental education. It will be important however, to do the necessary research on whether or not the use of biodiesel or just straight vegetable oil will be safest to use in fueling a vehicle from home. Please also be aware of proper use as well as all safety risks and hazards that may involved while you are working on this project. Good luck!

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    That sounds like a great idea!  Not only will it make for an interesting experiment, but it will draw attention to the use of vegetable oil as biodiesel.  I would recommend starting with unused vegetable oil until you get used to the process–that way you don’t have to worry about filtering out impurities.  Also, there are a lot of really helpful video tutorials on the internet; if you’re looking for a place to start, you might want to check out Youtube.  Good luck!

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    I think that it is an excellent idea. However, I think that all environmental education opportunities should be specifically tailored to the audience you are trying to reach. You might want to ask your classmates how much they already know about biodiesel and then make sure you find out some things that they don’t know yet to add to your project. See what questions they have about biodiesel and include an FAQ section on your project board. Interacting with your peers is a great way to boost the effectiveness of your project!

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    Absolutely, there are already private contractors in this business. It often involves driving between fast food resaurants or restaurants that use a lot of fry grease and siphoning their used grease into a special tank. This is then sold to companies that process it into biodiesel. It is a pretty straight-forward and lateral process so it should look good in a presentation!

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