Recycle Wigs

I work with American Cancer Society, have wigs that aren’t reusable. Not sure what kind of material they’re made of, but not won’t to burn nor do I want to through out for the landfill. Could use any advise.



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    This may be a stretch, but it’s worth contacting Matter of Trust to see if they can accept them (they are using hair to create booms for the oil spill).

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    Wigs can’t even be returned usually to the vendor so I doubt you can recycle them. For hygiene purposes most people wouldn’t want to accept it. If it’s human hair it can be used as fertilizer mixed with compost. If it’s synthetic it’s of no use once worn. It  may have to go into the trash sadly.

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    Just a thought…could they be given to cosmetic training salons/schools to be used in classes? They could be used on mannequins and, if the students use gloves, that would take care of the hygiene issue. Of course, it just means they will be cut up and then thrown in the trash, but at least they would have provided some educational value!

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