Recycle or donate working refrigerator



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    I presume you’re asking how you can do this. I will give you the answer that’s worked for me, and that’s Craigslist! Go on and post in the “free” section that you have one to give away. Someone will undoubtably come and get it. Alternatively, you can post to freecycle. Find a Freecycle group near you here, and post that you have one to give away. Someone will take it.

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    There are certain places that are willing to give you cash incentives for recycling your refrigerator. In Austin for example, Austin energy is willing to give you cash for old 14 to 27 cubic feet refrigerator/freezer. You get 50 dollars per unit – single family home customer and 35 per unit – apartment communities with four or more dwellings. By turning in your old fridge, you are able to save energy and money. Fridges use the most electricity in your home after heating and air conditioning. Older models use two to three times more than newer models.

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