Is the recession good for encouraging environmental practices?



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    The recession is both good and bad for environmental conservation. The fact that people have less money means they purchase fewer disposable goods, try to reuse or recycle more, lower their energy and water use to save money, and drive less to save on fuel charges, to name a few positives. On the other hand, less money also means less research into and development of alternative energy resources and technology, as well as fewer purchases of energy-efficient or eco-friendly products that are often still more expensive.

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    Put simply. No!

    The rich and super rich are only interested in themselves and their families.

    They protest about anything that will reduce their profitability and standard of living, they want their large yachts and planes.

    They do not want the pollution of the land, water and air to stop their way of life, they are too thick to realise the damage they are leaving for their children and grand children to live with.

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