Realistically there is no way this oil spill is going to affect deep water drilling is it?



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    Yes and no.  While this disaster will not STOP deep water drilling, it will eventually affect the rules and regulations. It may also be the catalyst that provokes new invention and innovation that prevents another accident like this in the  future.  As sad as it is we are usually thrown forward by disaster.

    There is also something to be said for the public knowledge gained from the spill. Before this the general public really had no idea what the true dangers were. We have learned (hopefully) that independant research is needed to verify the structural stability of these types of oil rigs- and NOT just take the manufacturers word for it- BEFORE they are installed and used.

    What we have also seen is (again) we are all connected. That the fishermen, the tourist trade, and the Gulf States all depend on clean fresh water- and should have a say in what goes on in those waters that may affect them.

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