Is raw milk safe for consumption?



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    Absolutely!  I come from a semi-rural area, and there’s a popular pediatrician in my area that won’t administer any treatment for most illnesses until the patient starts drinking raw milk.  In fact, a hundred years or so ago it was actually used as medicine to cure some chronic diseases.  One key distinction that must be made though is is between grass-fed cows and cows fed from other sources, such as grains and soybeans.  Only a diet of grass provides cows (and their milk) with the nutrients that protect it from pathogens, such as salmonella, that require most milk to be pasteurized.  The problem with the pasteurization process is that destroys good and bad bacteria indiscriminantly, and transforms some of the nutritional elements.  Proteins, lactose, vitamin C and calcium are all altered by pasteurization, changing the ways they interact with our bodies and making the milk less nutritious.

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