At the rate human populations are growing, when will the earth’s resources become depleted?



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    I’m sure different groups have different predictions or calculations. The World Wildlife Fund puts it at 2050. They offer solutions, but state that if we continue on our current growth patterns, our planet will essentially be expired in 40 years.

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    In 2006, the WWF released its Living Planet Report, which estimated Earth would not only reach its natural resource limit before 2050, but would need the resources of two planets to continue consuming at the rate we have been. I don’t think many people really believe that we will have completely exhausted our resources by then, but who knows – perhaps it’s difficult to grasp simply because it’s so soon. 

    Current trends in biodiversity loss can be confirmed in Living Planet Reports of the past, lending some credence to the Report’s estimates and calculations. Humanity’s ecological footprint is already too big; there are too many humans and not enough resources at present day. World hunger is a huge problem that only gets bigger as time goes on and as more and more mouths to feed inhabit the Earth – the world population is expected to hit 9.3 billion by 2050.

    Living Planet Report compiles data from biodiversity trends, population, and humanity’s ecological footprint (which tripled between 1960 and 2000) to come up with their estimates on what Earth’s future will be.

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    It depends on which resources you mean. The useful future span of time for copper, zirconium, coal, trees, fresh water, oil, and geothermal resources are different – by many decades, even centuries.

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