Is the rate of cosmic expansion speeding, or slowing down?



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    Astronomers have always had the challenge of measuring the size of the universe. For a long while, many believed the universe was slowing down in the wake of the big bang, but new science suggests the universe may actually be speeding up. Famed astronomer Edwin Hubble is first credited with the theory and recent observations of celestial bodies confirm that the Universe is expanding faster now than ever before.

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    Hubble’s law of cosmic expansion states “that an observer at any point in the universe will observe distant galaxies receding for him/her with radical velocities proportional to the distant of the observer.”

    Mathematically, we say:

    Let V be the Velocity of recession of a particular galaxy

    Let S, be the Distance of the galaxy from the observer

    Let H, be Hubble’s Constant (Work is still being conducted on Hubble’s Constant, a range of values have been assessed)


    The velocity of recession a galaxy(V) is linearly proportional to the of the distant of the galaxy from the observer(S), through a constant H (Hubble’s Constant) 

    Hubble’s Law is consistent with general expansion between galaxies, but it not a particular characteristic of the galaxies themselves. (NASA)

    Hubble’s Law explains that the universe is expanding on a positive linear scale (being a straight line increasing towards oo [positive infinity])

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