Raising rabbits in winter?

Is it safe to allow baby rabbits to be born in winter (in Colorado)? I would provide hay and the cages are enclosed by tarps and a fence. I would give them a birthing nest as well. The rabbit breed would be Satins or New Zealands, if the makes a difference.



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    It is quite safe to allow rabbit births to occur in winter so long as you take the necessary weather and safety precautions. If you are able to get them to breed, then you have likely managed to adjust the light levels properly. What you’ll want to do is line the boxes with cardboard and use pine shavings to keep it warm. Warmth is the absolute key!

    Things get a little trickier when it comes to the babies – make sure you keep them warm and insulated!

    All of this information was taken from a wonderful source that while short, goes into much more detail than I could. Your location does not appear to be much of an issue if your adult bunnies can handle it – just make sure to keep an extra close eye ont he babies. I’ve cited the page I got the information from so you can look into it in more detail when you have the time.

    The short answer is absolutely, just make sure their housing is up to snuff.

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