Is radiation dangerous to animals as well as humans?



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    Yes, definitely. A 2009 study found that the nuclear radiation leaked in Chernobyl is still harming the animals and insects in the area. They found that the bird populations and certain insect populations were diminished in and around the site of the accident. See the article below for more details!

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    It is dangerous for animals, but some fare better under radiation than humans, particularly insects. In this episode of Mythbusters (, they test whether cockroaches and other insects can survive a nuclear blast by subjecting these insects to high levels of radiation. While there were survivors, a high percentage of these insects died due to radiation poisoning.

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    Interestingly, some animals were observed inhabiting the exclusion zone surrounding the Chernobyl power plant (mainly because wild animals don’t seem to identify radiated areas). However, while radiation is obviously a major health risk, some species found a long-term benefit to being isolated from human activity. Once adaptations were made, the groups of these animals appear healthy. It’s important to note that radiation levels decreased substantially since the disaster, but overall scientists “found they lived as long as animals in relatively clean areas. This particular case is an anomaly – and these animals are still enduring some radiation – but it’s a remarkable case that challenges everything we assume about survivability.

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    I definitely agree with everyone. I just want to add that scientists have begun investigating the possibility that cell phone radiation is responsible for the declining bee population. The theory states that bees aren’t able to find their way to the hive because of interrupting radiation. Worldwide, the death of bees threatens the livelihood of crops, for they depend on bees for pollination! This is just one of the ways in which radiation can harm animals!

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