Is the space race a good thing for us?



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    Well, the “space race” is over, isn’t it? (we won? or was that fox documentary on how it was bogus true after all?) But I still think you’re asking a great question. In my opinion, the ENTIRE SPACE PROGRAM itself should be somewhat low on the priority list of our biggest concerns right now. The reason why is we have a perfectly good planet right here, and it doesn’t make sense to me that people are ready to jump ship quite yet. Space is cold, dark, a vaccumm that will suck your eyes out and implode your chest cavity (I’m not risking that so I can say I colonized the moon or mars!)… And the program is sooo expensive… have you ever seen one of those test firings of the 9 million horse power 5000 degree rocket engines that it takes to get a space shuttle up into outer space—talk about Global Warming!—it all adds up and they throw a lot on the pile at one time when they are talking about that much energy… is it truly needed right now to be spent? Don’t we already have enough satellites and spy gear up there for the time being? I think we need to re-focus our goals and make halting climate change a much higher priority than finding or creating a new livable climate somewhere in space… The only thing I think we should be doing with the space program is figuring out how to make it cost effective and easy (energy/pollution wise) to get garbage refuse and radioactive waste into outer-space (and aim it at jupiter or neptune), so we can stop trashing this planet, our one and only good home!!! NASA, I’m talking to you, make the transition and help us, here, now, we need you; you guys and gals are smart and the main problems are right in front of us—there’s nothing out there for us right now but wasted money and diverted resources—help us solve them!

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