Quick random question: has anyone watched Al Gore’s movie The Inconvenient Truth? What where your thoughts on it?

Just curious because he has some good points but there are still people who say that he has “exaggerated”. And look its 4 years later from when the movie was released. I personally thought it was a great movie of showing extremes to the world.



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    This is a great question. I think An Inconvenient Truth had a big impact on a lot of people, myself included. My only criticism of the movie is that because the message came from Al Gore, a lot of Republicans immediately dismissed it as too political. I think if the movie had been made by another eco-celebrity, say Leonardo DiCaprio, maybe it would have had a broader impact. 

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    I definitely enjoyed the movie.  I think it was a crucial documentary for the time.  Al Gore opened a lot of the world’s eyes to what was truly going on the world, and what was going to happen if things didn’t change.  I completely agree with the statement above that it did become politicized, and therefore ignored by some of the people who needed to watch it the most!  Also, Al Gore did kind of make a fool of himself with the “I invented the Internet” comment, and I think it would have been smarter to have someone else be the face of such a serious and important movie.

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