This question is for Mr arran 10

Hello there!
I’d like to thank you for your respond on the question I brought forward about 2 weeks ago
(Does actually any of this energy of the sun turn into mass on earth or not?)
Actually your answer did and did not answer my question! You see I knew all the thing you mentioned but what I wanted to know was this “Is there a theory or a belief that some of the sun’s energy on Earth turns in to mass?” You see I have strong belief that this occurs! but since the amount of mass is so small it has been over looked!!!!
Thank you again and I look forward to your comment on this



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    The light and heat produced by the sun is a result of burning hydrogen. It is a process of mass to energy. I haven’t read anything to suggest that the energy released by the sun has any mass or becomes mass. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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