Q1.which is the type of tree that can be grown with sea water? Q2.and what type of tree grows the fastest and tallest? Q3.

we are a group of friends that are planning to plant several hundred trees in pakistan over a period of few years.we would like the trees to be a part of changing the extreme climate in that region.and not be used as a business.

So we would like the name of the tree,the type of the tree,and how much it would cost per tree,and what type of water wil it grow the best?and what type of diseases it wil be prone to?and what type of soil is best for its growing?

I am not so expert in this field but i am reading diferent articles but its better if i could be answered by experts.

i would love to be contacted privately by experts in this field.

Thank you very much for your efforts.May god bless you and your group.



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    Most trees that grow in soil thrive when watered with fresh water. However, some species of olive trees can be watered with salt water, and mangrove trees grow in salty marshes. Olive trees are hardy and are affected by fewer diseases than most fruit trees. Fungus is the most common and longest-lasting disease that affects olive trees. Olive trees are also drought-resistant, and grow well in dry areas like California and the Mediterranean. 

    The empress tree is one of the fastest-growing trees, as it can reach 35-50ft tall in just three years. The lombardy poplar and hybrid poplar can both reach 30-40ft in 3 years. 

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    This isn’t a direct answer but is related. Below are some links that provide some information on how to plant trees.



    Recently in Pakistan a group made a world record by planting over 500,000 trees in one day. The tree planted by this group were mangrove, which grow in deltas where fresh and sea water mix, though diminishing waters in that specific region the trees were planted will make it difficult for the trees to survive


    I couldnt find anythign on the cost or deseases that prey on mangrove trees, but I hope this helps at all. Best of luck on your endeavor and I wish you well!

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    Please email me at jiwanb21@yahoo.com about growing olives in India. I have some land in rajashan and was wondering if planting olives is worthwhile.

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