Is putting wine in plastic bottles greener?



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    Greener than using glass? Probably not. Firstly, conventional plastic requires the use of petroleum to be created, which automatically knocks it down on the eco-friendly point scale. Although plastic is highly recyclable, people often easily throw it away because it is seen as trash. People tend to safely recycle glass more often, probably because of the dangerous prospect of having broken glass in one’s garbage. Sometimes, people even collect glass bottles or reuse them, saving them from the landfill.

    The big point, though, is the petroleum. The use of plastic bottles helps fuel the oil industry.

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    Plastic certainly uses less energy to produce and recycle, so for those purposes, yes plastic bottles would be greener for wine.  However, using plastic bottles may affect the way that the wine tastes, and it doesn’t store for as long as glass. There is much less seepage of chemicals from glass than from plastic when kept for long periods of time, plus glass provides more of an air tight seal for wine and that is one of the reasons that wine is typically kept in glass bottles.  There are many restaurants and stores beginning to sell wine in plastic bottles, but they have use by dates on them and are not typically wine that would be kept for long periods of time.

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