Is propane a liquid?



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    Propane is a gas, but can be compressed into a transportable liquid.

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    Well, propane is a gas, but it can be compressed into a liquid for transport. When you purchase a tankful of propane, it has been compressed into liquid. Liquid propane is very, very cold. As you release it from inside the tank, the liquid propane boils and turns into gas.

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    Propane, like everything, is composed of matter.  Matter has four “states” it can exist in: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma (and Bose-Einstein Condensate, which is sometimes called the fifth state).  On Earth, most everything exists naturally in either solid, liquid, or gas form.  There are two things that must vary in order to change matter from one state to another: temperature and/or pressure, and states of matter are dependent on them.  In the tank, propane is a liquid; when it is released from the tank to room temperature and atmospheric (normal) pressure, propane becomes a gas.  If you drop the temperature to its condensation point (-44 degrees F), however, propane will become a liquid.  But your propane tank sits outside in the summer, so how could it be so cold?  Well, it’s not.  The propane in the tank is under such high pressure, that it can exist as a liquid at room temperature.  The reason for this type of storage is that liquids naturally take up much less volume than gases, so a whole lot more can be stored in a container. 

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    Propane is naturally a gas but it is turned into a liquid by pressurizing it (for storage purposes).

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    At normal temperatures and pressures, propane is a gas. However, at atmospheric pressure, it will condense to a liquid at around -44F. And at a temperature of 78F, a pressure of 130psi is required to store propane as a liquid. 

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