Is progress being made against honeybee CCD?



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    Yes, until recently, it was mainly the CCD Working Group that was searching for the potential causes and solutions of CCD. Now, beekeepers, government officials, scientists in universities and industries, and the USDA are looking for answers. Granting agencies have also recognized the importance of honey bees and are donating money to find a cure.

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    Honeybee CCS has been back in the news this month as aTelegraph article decribed cell phones and cell phone towers as a cause of CCD.  The electromagnetic emanations from towers as well as single phones were enough to disrupt the navigational abilites of bees according to a recent study done at Punjab University. 

    In another recent study in California, researchers found two pathogens contributing to CCD.  This USDA study indicates that the bees may have become suceptible to teh pathogens because of poor nutition and stress.  It is possible that the rise of thesse pathogens is also due to electromagnetic radiation.

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