Is the production of lithium ion batteries harmful for the environment?



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    Of course. To some extent, virtually everything humans do can have effects that can be seen as harmful. The question is, is the trade-off worth it?

    Lithium, and the many other components of such batteries (graphite, iron, cobalt, manganese, oil for plastic, and more) are mined; mining has impacts on the environment. The components are transported, modified, and assembled, then the batteries are packaged, transported again, and eventually disposed of. Every one of those steps has potentially negative impacts on the environment – some more than others, and some that can be mitigated (such as mitigating disposal by recycling).

    The same statements can be made for virtually every single manufactured or grown product that humans use. Every one.

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    The lithium-ion batteries today are more environmentally friendly than the ones in the past. Today, they are made from nontoxic sources, are made of stable cathode material, and can be recycled and reused. 

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