Is the production of biofuel bad for the environment?



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    There are definitely pros and cons that are associated with using bio fuels. In the United States, there is a large concern for our dependence on fossil fuels. Bio fuels are manufactured from agricultural crops and other organic matter. Bio fuels discharge is less harmful than the pollution that is released from petroleum-based gasoline but, unfortunately bio fuel is not as readily available as other renewable sources. In addition, gasoline can also be used in mass quantities especially if the farm equipment used by farmers is still fossil fuel dependent.

    Another disadvantage that is argued against bio fuel is the mass quantity of gasoline based cars and trucks on the road today, vehicles which cannot run on bio fuel unless equipped with specials apparatus’s; in addition, there is a small amount of carriers of bio fuel throughout the United States.  There is still debate on whether food should be used for fuel and there is also much debate on whether bio fuel requires more energy than they are able to generate, “statistically to produce just five percent of the total diesel consumption of United States, approximately sixty percent of the crops would have to be diverted towards the production of diesel.”  We will just have to wait and see if more feasible and more benefiting options arise with further research. Although we are still searching we should keep in mind the bottom line, that being that we must reduce our consumption in order to conserve fuel and pollution.


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