procedure for making foodwate to organic fertliser



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    How to compost food waste into organic fertilizer:

    1. Decide on a place to compost — old trashcans and recycle bins work fine as long as they have some access to sunlight.
    2. Alternate brown and green food wastes to ensure that there is both nitrogen and carbon in the pile. “Brown” materials are things like sawdust or yard clippings.  “Green” materials are things like kitchen scraps and manure.
    3. Put food waste in the bin, making sure that you cover the “green” kitchen scraps with the top layer of “brown” materials from the compost pile.
    4. Water your compost pile if it dries out.
    5. Turn the pile over to ensure that oxygen is reaching all parts of it — this is essential for the composting process.
    6. When the material is finished composting (that is, when it’s been broken down by bacteria), spread it over your garden as fertilizer.
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    Composting is a great way of disposing of food waste.  Another good option is a vermicomposter (aka worm bin).  Worm bins are ideal for people with space issues, such as those living in an apartment without a garden.  A worm bin can easily be stored anywhere inside a house or outside if it isn’t too cold.

    Worms are kept covered in a bin with bedding such as shredded paper or peat moss and fed kitchen scraps.  Be careful not to overfeed the worms.  The worms will digest the food and produce a nutrient rich compost.  Worms reproduce rapidly, so you can easily obtain worms for your own bin from someone who is already keeping a worm bin, or else purchase them.

    Here is a comprehensive site on how to keep your own worm bin:

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