Problem with alignment in firefox and slow loading

I am building a website and I have run into a lot of problems along the way.

Problem 1. The website loads fine in internet explorer but in firefox it jerks from the right of the screen to place where it is supposed to be located on the left. I’m not sure where I went wrong on the HTML. Does anyone have any advice?

Problem 2. The site contains alot of image files which take a long time to load. The homepage was initially about 115KB but I have reduced down to nearly 60KB through image compression, deleting images I don’t need, and by trying to use a lot of the same images on the same page. Is there anything else I can try to speed this beast up some?



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    I am not a computer tech by any means, but I see that two days has gone by and you have yet to receive an answer. The internet is a wonderful, informative tool to find the resources that you need to help you with just about anything. I have included the Firefox support page and the instant ask-a-firefox-tech page to help you out. Good luck.

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