Is print art better for the environment than the originals?



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    Probably not. Paints can be made from natural materials. And canvases too… But when we reproduce prints of original artwork, the paintings are re-created in an entirely different manner. Manufacturing is an energy intensive process, so I’d imagine that making prints of originals is worse for the environment than having an original. Especially if you consider the fact that if you print 1000 copies of a painting, to sell them all, you will have to ship them to different places (some quite far away) to find people who will buy them all…. so it would definitely be more “green” to only produce one painting and then sell it locally (but, unfortunately, not as lucrative!) Will we ever go back to the ways of old? (even if it means that if we don’t, we won’t be able to save the world from immanent destruction)…

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