Is premium gas better for cars?



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    Yes, technically. See, in your car’s engine, gas can be ignited either by spark or compression, which is bad for your car and can cause knocking in your engine, which can damage it. A higher octane fuel will lower the compression rate, giving you a better chance to ignite the gas by spark. However, I’ve always gotten the lowest octane fuel for my 1997 Jeep, and it remains a wonderful car, as do my parents’ Nissans. So, chances are you won’t hurt your car by using a low octane fuel. 

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    Not necessarily.  While premium (high-octane) gas is formulated so that the fuel is less likely to cause your engine to knock, it’s best to check the manual that comes with your automobile.  Most cars are designed to run on regular gas, and using premium gas in a car designed to run on regular fuel serves almost no purpose, despite the claims thrown around by the auto industry about increased mileage and/or power.

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