is pouring coffee down the drain better or should I just throw it outside on the ground?



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    Well, the best thing to do is probably compost. Whatever you do, do not pour them down the drain. It is really bad for the pumbing unless you use a ton of water to wash them down, and that’s wasting water. I just throw mine in the trash  along with the filter.Acid loving plants will thrive on coffee grounds. Throwing them outside is probably okay as long as it is your property.

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    You should probably pour it down the drain unless it is decaf. Caffeine can be harmful to earth worms. Coffee grounds, on the other hand, are good for composting and using in your garden. One you make the coffee, most of the caffeine gets taken out of the beans, so it is safe to compost. Here is an article describing how caffeine affects worms:

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    If you are talking about the used grounds, I found an article on The Daily Green (2011) that gives 12 ways to put that used coffee to good use. Surprisingly, old coffee grounds is a great repellent for insects and other annoying bugs. You can also rub them into a cat or dog’s coat to drive the flees away. Used coffee grounds are excellent in removing odors in clothes, furniture fabric, or in the air (put them in nylons and hang them up). You can also give yourself a facial with old coffee grounds by mixing them with an egg white and making a mask (The Daily Green, 2011)!

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    I don’t think it would be too harmful to pour the coffee in the ground, unless it’s really hot. I can’t imagine scolding hot coffee being helpful to plans or insects/worms. I don’t see the harm in flushing the coffee down the drain with water, especially if you are going to clean the cup after. It does waste water, but you are going to clean the cup anyway, so use the water and soap from that to clean your drain as well. 

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