Is Potassium a metal?



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    Potassium is a soft-silvery white metal alkaloid in its most pure elemental form. Its atomic number 19 means, by definition, that it is a metal, however it rarely exists in its natural state. Since it is one electron away from stability, it is very reactive, especially with both oxygen and water.

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    Yes. Potassium (K) is a metal, although it is soft enough that it can be cut with a knife. Here are some of its properties: “Potassium is one of the most reactive and electropositive of metals. The only metal that is lighter than potassium is lithium. The silvery white metal is soft (easily cut with a knife). The metal must be stored in a mineral oil, such as kerosene, as it oxidizes rapidly in air and catches fire spontaneously when exposed to water. Its decomposition in water evolves hydrogen. Potassium and its salts will color flames violet.”


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