Post a picture of your favorite animal and a little description of why its your favorite?


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    Little Blue Penguin

    This is a Little Blue penguin, and it is my favorite animal. They have been my favorite animal ever since I first visited the Little Blue colony at my local aquarium. Not only are they adorable, but they are quite vocal, and a truly lovely creature.

    What is your favorite animal?

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    The Peacock is my favorite animal, because of its color and beauty. Females are actually called “peahens” and they are believed to choose their mate (male: Peacock) by the size, color, and quality of their feather train. A group of peahens and peacocks are called peafowl.




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    I think snow leopards are really cool. They are very beautiful and not too plentiful, so awareness about them is never a bad thing. 

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    Dogs, in my case, labrador retrievers, are my favorite animal. Dogs exhibit unconditional love for the master that treats them right and offer immediate forgiveness for their master’s frustration. Also, I find it incredible that after centuries of domestication, dogs still have their instincts. [img_assist|nid=188541|title=Dogs|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=426]

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    Giraffes are my favorite animal.  They are gorgeous creatures that seem to move so gracefully.  I have also given my younger brother the nickname of “Giraffe” because he is so much taller than me. I think the animal just reminds me of him 🙂

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    The Indian Elephant, not to be mistaken with its bigger, wilder cousin the African Elephant. The Indian elephant is a large, long-lived and intelligent creature with amazing memory. Sticking by their mother for nearly the first decade of their life, elephants are like people: it takes a long time to fully develop mentally. Such intelligence and grand size is why they are such a precious species.

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    I have always really liked polar bears. I think they are majestic, strong, intelligent creatures. Sadly, they will likely become the face of global warming as their habitat shrink with melting sea ice and rising ocean levels.

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    Polar Bears are my favourite too, for much the same reasons – and because they’re so big! I also like owls, because I can often see (and more often hear) them around my house, and because of their mythological associations with wisdom. Plus the tend to be quite beautiful.

    A Great Horned Owl

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    Eagles are my favorite, especially bald eagles. They are so majestic and have a survival quality that is so instinctive. They may be endangered, but they will always be my favorite.

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    Quetzals because they are beautiful birds.

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