The Portland Bike Boxes have gotten some coverage, but I have seen them in Brussels as well. What other cities use this method and what has been the result?



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    In the United States several cities have bike boxes. Portland OR, New York City NY, Madison WI, Long Beach and San Francisco CA, as well as other cities all have bike boxes. The purpose of the bike box is to allow bicyclists easier access and a head start to the bike lane when making right hand turns. This is accomplished by reserving a portion of the road right before the intersection for bicyclists, called the box. These boxes have reduced bicyclist fatalities.

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    There have been 60 bike boxes placed on New York streets, but many people still don’t know how to use them. A good percentage of bikers just stay in the bicycle lane instead of taking advantage of bike boxes. I’ve found a video online that demonstrates how to use bike boxes since bikers rarely know how to use them.

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