Is Porsche introducing a hybrid Cayenne?



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    Porsche is hoping to release a hybrid model of their SUV Cayenne by the end of 2010. This model first appeared as a prototype in 2007, but engineering setbacks have delayed its release up to now. The 2011 Cayenne Hybrid is equipped with a direct-injected, supercharged Audi 3.0 liter V6 engine, which is rated at 333 horsepower.

    The vehicle also features a hydraulic clutch between the engine and motor that shuts down the engine under light loads, which allows the electric motor to take over until the engine is required to restart. The motor also  recharges the battery pack, which contains approximately 1.2 kilowatt-hours, and uses nickel-metal-hydride cells, which are also used by Ford hybrid models. 

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    Yes they are. Porsche is releasing its first ever hybrid with the Cayenne SUV model for 2011. It only starts out at $68, 675 so why not buy two. Besides having more features than the Starship Enterprise with an additional thousand dollars here and there (navigation system with 7 inch screen, 1000-watt stereo system etc.) it will get 23 miles-per-gallon. The Cayenne also has the unique feature of “sailing” where the engine will go totally electric for long periods of time (highway driving).

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