Is porous asphalt more expensive than regular asphalt?



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    Porous asphalt is made by removing the smaller agregate particles from the asphalt, resulting in a more porous product. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it can improve road safety because it allows easier removal of water from the road.

    According to the National Asphalt Pavement Association, porous asphalt costs more to install, due to the requirement of the installation of an underlying stone bed. However, the overall maintenance cost for major roadways may be decreased due to the better handling of water runoff.

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    Yes, but I believe this only takes into consideration the upfront costs and does not include the costs of maintenance. Porous asphalt, as mentioned above, does handle stormwater runoff better than impermeable pavement which makes it a good paving material for parking lots. Permeable pavements, including porous asphalt, can also filter the water that passes through to a certain extent, and allows direct replenishment of aquifers.

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