Is the population in India growing faster than the population of China?



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    Yes the population of India is growing faster than the popluation in China. China currently has the lead with 1260 million people while India only has 1000 million people. Nearly 22 million people are born every year in India while China only 10 million people are born a year. It is believed that by 2045 the population of India will surpass that of China. The average Chinese family is 3.63 members while in India it is 5.63. While China currently has the lead, it is only a matter of time before India surpasses it.


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    India’s current rate of population growth is 1.578%, while China’s is 0.629%. China has saw massive drops in their population growth due to the one child policy, basically taxing families that have more than one child. India might soon have to take similar measures to keep their population under control, India is already overpopulated.  

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