a population explosion can occur when there are

a.)more births than deaths
b.)more deaths than births
c.)the same amount of births and deaths
d.)no births or deaths in the same year.



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    That would be “B” more births than deaths. Increased sanitation, medical care, and nutrition is allowing more people, and especially infants and children, to live better lives.

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    Increase in population size can also be related to if the women in an area are educated. The more educated women are, the more likely they are to stay in school and obtain a higher education. This in turn lessens the chance that they will have children. 

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    I think simba means A, but I agree, more births than deaths.  In general people born today will have a much longer expected life span than the people who are dying today.  This means that if births continue to exceed deaths, there will be a more and more people on the planet.

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    One more category needs to be added: e.) When the size of the population outstrips the ability of the environment to support it.

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