Is polycarbonate luggage safe to use?

I purchased a piece of luggage over a year ago and just found a tag that has the California proposition 65 warning. I have never heard of this as I live in Canada. The luggage was purchased in Washington State and is made of polycarbonate? I bought this for my daughter who is 15. Is this dangerous?



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    Proposition 65 states that a business or manufacturer must label a product with a clear warning if a chemical is present in the product that has been known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. It also states that such chemicals cannot be dumped into drinking water. California has very strict rules governing such things, and demands that a label be put onto everything that can be construed as dangerous; the thing about it though is they never specify what IT is, so you’re left to wonder. I have personally never heard of any problems regarding toxicity from polycarbonate luggage, but if it really is a deep concern, I suggest researching your particular luggage piece’s manufacturer, and you may learn what chemical was used that earned it the Prop 65 warning. Above all else, I believe you should do what you feel is best for your family, even if that includes not keeping the piece of luggage.

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    Concerns about the safety of polycarbonate luggage usually stem from the fact that BPA may be present in polycarbonate products.  However, any harm that could come from BPA exposure generally occurs when BPA is somehow ingested, either via dental fillings or through food/beverage contact with a plastic container that contains BPA.  Unless you’re licking your suitcase or using your luggage to store your groceries, there should be no risks associated with using polycarbonate luggage.

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