Is pollution an international problem?



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    Good question, Drew.  Pollution is definitely an international problem.  Though some countries might be less at risk than others, everyone has to deal with the same issues, and not doing so would result in a problem for anyone.  You may have heard about pollution being a problem in Mexico City, or in China, as well as many other places.  Below is an image of the nitrogen dioxide hotspots of the world in 2004.  I think it clearly shows that pollution is a global phenomena.

    image: University of Heidelberg

    Hope this helps!

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    In addition to pollution being generated throughout the world as the image about indicates, the atmosphere can be considered a global commons, as air circulated around the world . Unlike soil that more or less stays put (there are some interesting examples, however, of how soil travels around the world too), air moves quite readily and so pollution emitted in one place, can impact another region altogether. A classic example is the pollution generated in the Midwest being brought to New England through the dominant wind patterns, increasing the pollutants that react to cause the phenomena of acid rain.


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