PLZ conform that ginko multivatimin for hair



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    Some products claim that Ginkgo Biloba promotes hair growth and tons of other benefits  but, it does not look like the FDA has approved many of these health claims. The first link is a letter from the FDA to an online Ginko Biloba seller informing them that the FDA does not approve their claims.

    So, be careful and research before ingesting any product–especially untested products with claims which may be too good to be true.

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    I think you are asking about Ginko Biloba and hair growth or loss.  As tutt47 said, no claims have been approved by the FDA, so be careful and please do you own research.

    Hair loss can be caused by reduced circulation; in the following cited study it does appear that Ginko Biloba increased circulation and “ultimately improv[ed] or maintain[ed] hair growth.”

    Please note that Ginko Biloba can have interactions with other medicines you may be taking; it has also been associated with extended bleeding times.

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