Please tell us as you are a well know environmentalist what are the steps take to avoid the environmental pollution

reduce the environmental pollution water,land,noise,etc



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    Some steps to avoid environmental pollution is to have proper education in climate change and learn how our current technologies are affecting the environment. First steps to avoid pollution is to conserve energy, recycle, plant trees, buy green electricity, buy solar lighting, buy energy start products, buy organic food and ride a bike. These are some steps you can use to reduse environmental pollution and increase your health. 

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    I agree fully with jchang14 about the importance of education. Education is especially important to people who want to ride a bicycle, but don’t feel comfortable on the roads. My father was an effective cycling (now called smart cycling) instructor, so I learned how to stay safe and ride confidently with city traffic. However, many people don’t know how to do this and are chained to their cars. Therefore, if I became a well-known environmentalist, the first thing I would do would be to mandate that all people learn safe bicycling techniques before they learn how to drive. The smart cycling program could be integrated into school curriculum and/or be required to obtain a driver’s license.

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