Is play dough bad for the environment?



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    Play dough isn’t bad for the environment. The Play-Doh you buy in stores does contain certain ingredients to make it stay pliable and colorful. However, if you’re concerned about color additives and other added preservatives, there are many recipes to make your own play dough with common kitchen ingredients. The recipe below is said to be more like the Play-Doh you buy in stores, but this way you know exactly what your children are playing with. 

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    I agree that you should just make your own play-dough. There are plenty of recipes out there, some of which are edible. Just use one of these online recipes.

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    As someone who has made play dough myself in a Vitamix, and who has played with storebought Play-Doh, please allow me to say the stuff you make yourself rocks the house!

    Yep.  It uses lots of flour.  Yep.  It can be piping hot and hard to handle when it first gets scooped from the pot (or blender container).  Yep.  It can be really sticky and need extra flour to make it a better texture, and you may feel like saying, “The heck with it, I’ll just get stuff from the store,” but the kind you make is better for a few reasons.

    The kind from the store contains wheat, so if you have a child with wheat allergies, you can make your own dough out of something else like rice flour, quinoa flour, or some other kind of flour.

    You get lots of dough with a single recipe, so it’s very cost-effective.

    You can work in your own food coloring gels so if your child has an allergy to a chemical in food coloring, it’s easy to omit colors entirely, or use another company’s food tint that you know is safe.

    When kept in an airtight container (we just use zippy bags) it lasts much, much longer than storebought!  It’s amazing.  We are actually still using some that we made in February, and only recently threw away some we’d made last November.  Try and get that kind of longevity out of the kind from the store!  🙂

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