Is play-doh eco-friendly?



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    The exact composition of Play-Doh brand is proprietary and therefore unreleased, although the company ensures it is mainly flour, salt, and water and that it’s non toxic. There is likely some form of preservative or coloring in it, however. To be on the completely safe and eco-friendly side, you can easily make your own play-dough using baking soda, corn starch, vegetable oil and water in a recipe at the link below. There are also eco-friendly version available for sale.

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    As the previous answer has stated, the brand does have some potentially dangerous chemicals and toxins. However, you can make your own with kids and have double the fun. You can make it with simple ingriedents like:

    • salt
    • warm water
    •  flour
    • food coloring

    For more information, read the article attached to the bottom link.

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