Is plastic trash dangerous to sea mammals?



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    Yes. Aside from the classic problem of dolphins and seals getting their heads and snouts caught in the plastic rings from six packs, there’s also a chance that the degrading plastics will poison the sea life.

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    Very dangerous. The smaller the plastic piece, the more dangerous. Over time the sun’s UV rays break down the plastic into small pieces which can be mistaken by marine organisms as plankton. Hope this helps! 

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    Estimates claim there are 6 lbs of plastic for every 1 lb of plankton in the pacific ocean.  Plastic isn’t able to fully decompose, so little shards remain that have been nicknamed “mermaid tears” because the marine life mistake them for food.  Their bodies are unable to digest them and end up shredding their insides.


    *i wrote an article about this, if you’d like more information i’d be happy to send it to you.

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