Plastic tea cups : health hazards

Health hazards caused by thin transparent plastic cups being used for hot beverages in India.



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    There are many different kinds of plastics, some more dangerous than others.  The big ones health experts recommend you look out for is Bisphenol A, or BPA  for short. If BPA is the plastic being used in Indian tea cups, that’s indeed bad news, due to the nature of how BPA releases its poison.  When BPA is heated in some way (say hot tea is poured into it)  the chemicals leak out of it into the food or drink.  These chemicals act as a toxin on the human endocrine system, which can lead to early puberty in girls, miscarriages, and cancer. 

    I don’t know what the regulations are like in India, but in most places you can tell what kind of plastic an item is made out of by checking the triangular recycling symbol on the bottom. In plastics made with BPA, the number in the middle will be a 7: 

    I’m sorry I couldn’t provide more detailed information on tea cups in India, but I hope this helps in some small way!


    Also PS: Be careful what you read about BPA.  It’s going to be very expensive to replace, and American corporations have been spending a lot of money trying to “prove” that it’s “not so bad.” Fortunately it seems that the corporations are at least beginning to lose the fight….

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