Is plastic cling wrap more eco-friendly than aluminum foil?



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    No, aluminum foil is actually more eco-friendly than plastic wrap, which can even have detrimental effects on your health.  Foil can be reused more numbers of time than plastic wrap, and can be recycled in some places.  Also, you can buy aluminum foil that is made out of recycled aluminum.  There are more eco-friendly choices for covering food, one being waxed paper.  Another great option is Biobags, which are biodegradable, but have the consistancy of a plastic bag.  They can easily be reused, and can be used to contain fruits and vegetables, as well as cover food. 

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    Also, plastic wrap  can accidentally burn (especially in a kitchen setting). When plastic wrap is burnt, it releases toxins detrimental to the environment, most notably dioxin. Aluminum foil does not have this problem because it has such a high melting point, it will never accidentally get burned in your kitchen.

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