Is plastic a better material to make solar cells out of?



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    For consumers and people who want to see the proliferation of solar energy: yes.  Making solar cells out of malleable plastic would make solar energy cheaper for the average consumer and business, putting renewable energy within everyone’s budget.  Furthermore, solar cells are currently made out of indium tin oxide, which is also used to make flat screen tvs, cell phones, and a host of other technological equipment.  This makes it an expensive material, as it is in high demand.  This material must also be mined, and so is not entirely sustainable or green.  Read more about the benefits of plastic solar cells by following the link below!

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    Currently, plastic solar cells aren’t nearly as efficient as silicon-based cells.  Because of this, they are not quite as cost-effective.  But research and development is being done by various companies, such as Solarmer Energy, to increase efficiency.  Solarmer is on track to create polymer solar cells almost half as efficient as silicon-based ones by the end of 2010.

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