Since plants need sunlight to survive are they a good place to get inspiration for solar projects?



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    I think that from an architectural perspective they are. Leaf shape and methodology of achieving solar access may be very applicable. It is important to realize that plants sole function is not photosynthesis and there may be other factors – for example, leaves seek solar exposure, but also serve as the organ for gas exchange – and must also be designed to limit water loss in certain climates. As a result the biological design may not be necessarily pertinent to our use of solar alone.

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    Plants do require sunlight for survival and growth, and areas where plants are found in abundance could be good locations for solar energy facilities. However people should consider the ecosystem that is in place, we do not want to destroy the local environment that many wildlife species depend on. Marginal areas found around areas with a good amount of solar exposure could be used as a site for solar projects, of course an in depth analysis such as an environmental impact report or environmental assessment may be required to determine any environmental impacts.

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    Yes they are! MIT just made a major discovery with storing LARGE amounts of solar and using it at night. They got the idea from photosynthesis of plants! Read the link below to find out more.

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