Planted Sweet Gum Tree month ago, 2 of the 3 started getting brown spots on the leaves. Kept deep watering, added Iron. Weather turned hot and the two trees started a dying of leaves from the bottom up. The third tree is doing well, some minor spotting.

Read in paper that our soil is very alkaline with iron in the soil however plants don’t get iron as the PH is too high? Currently the two sick trees have only the top 1/2 of the tree that is still green but has lots of brown spots.



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    There is a chance that your trees are experiencing leaf scorch, which is like severe sunburn for a tree. Check out the link below to see if this diagnosis is correct. If it is, your trees will need to be intensely deep-watered.

    However, there is also a chance your trees are afflicted by a disease. Please contact your local arborist for a consultation if you are still concerned about your tree.

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